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Here are nine photos, covering non-Interstate roads and highways on the west side of Oahu, especially the legendarily bad road that used to round the island's northwest corner at Kaena Point.

NOTE: In case you want more detail, you can click many of the photos below (for now, most of the 2001 photos) to view an enlarged, higher-quality (less .jpg compression) version. Those alternate versions have larger file sizes, so please be patient while they download.

Unpaved western approach to Kaena Pt. Unpaved eastern approach to Kaena Pt.

  The west (left and above left) and east (above right) ends of the rough unpaved portion of the old Farrington Highway around Kaena Point, which used to "connect" what now are state routes 93 and 930. Motor vehicles can no longer travel around Kaena Point (but hiking is possible), due to a landslide which took out part of the road, and a newly-established nature preserve that also closed off the road right around Kaena Point. (Photos above September 1999; photo on left November 2001)
Farrington Highway stretch, fallen down the cliff Gate blocking vehicle access to Kaena Point
Here is the landslide southeast of Kaena Point that helped close the old Farrington Highway. (May 2000) This gate, and the wall of boulders on either side, east of Kaena Point (on the north shore approach to the point) block motor vehicle access to the Kaena Point area. (May 2000)
Junction of routes 803 and 930
Here the Farrington Highway section along Oahu's north shore (state route 930), east of Kaena Point, meets Kaukonahua Road toward Wahiawa (former county route 803, the stray old route marker notwithstanding). (September 1999) Lualualei Naval Road/Kolekole Pass Road (part of former route 78) long ago let civilians travel between the west coast of Oahu and central Oahu via Kolekole Pass, but is now closed to civilian traffic. West coast residents could use an alternate route to their only way out now, the Farrington Highway (state route 93) south to Interstate H-1, which is sometimes closed by water main breaks or other emergencies. However, the military is understandably reluctant to allow civilian travel over Kolekole Pass and through the Lualualei naval ammunition depot to the west, especially after 9/11. State and county officials are woking on other alternatives, including upgrading some unpaved back roads paralleling the Farrington Highway, and perhaps ultimately a new road tunnel through the Waianae Range. (November 2001)
An example of a shield for Hawaii's usually unsigned 4-digit state routes, this one at the southern junction of Oahu's Farrington and Kamehameha Highways (routes 7101 and 99 respectively). Hawaii's 4-digit routes are mainly on Oahu (often but not always near military facilities), and usually are minor roads that otherwise would not be in the state highway system. (May 2000) The exit sign on southbound Fort Weaver Road (state route 76), at its intersection with the Farrington Highway north of Ewa. Oddly, the route numbers are better signed on this exit sign than on the roads at the end of the exit ramps. The last time I was there, the route number was not signed at all on the 0.6 miles of route 7110 to the west, and except for the sign shown in the photo above left, was also unsigned on route 7101 to the east. (September 1999)

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